A lovely collection of personal poetry and present-day parables by one who regularly bears witness to death with a sincere heart. A lyrical reminder that like birth, each death is unique. There is no one right way to meet living and dying. Only our own way.

Frank Ostaseski

author, The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully

A very timely book. I purchased four for my family. You speak for many. I can’t find the words to describe the way you put yourself in the dying person’s thoughts, those of the family left behind, and the overall way we all hope to live and leave this world. So loving, forgiving, and funny!

This past year has been tough after my Dad’s passing. I had regrets… Did I do enough? Did I listen well? Did I tell him I appreciated all his hard work? Thank him? Your collection I’m sure … I know … has helped me to heal, to forgive myself, to remind me that Dad and I are both human. We all did our best. You spoke for my father and for many many others. I’ll be sending your book to my cousins, as well.


As a hospital chaplain and hospice volunteer coordinator for many years, I have worked with patients, as well as their families and the volunteers who join them, during their last days, weeks, and months. One of the truly outstanding features of Will’s writing is that he has been there during those times, too. He has known the feelings, even heartbreak, of people on the verge of these life-changing and ending events, both from his own personal experience and as a hospice volunteer.
In his book of poetry and prose on aging, death and dying, Will has found a glorious, eloquent and elegant voice for capturing the most important questions and feelings, as well as in pointing the way to make peace with all that is happening. He offers ways to live fully in the questions as well as for each reader to find his or her own answers.
I am grateful to have this wonderful book of writings to share with patients and their families, as well as volunteers, especially as they seek to live in authenticity and embrace all they are meant to experience in these final days.

Swami Rani Ferreira

Hospital Chaplain

Dying, being with the dying, and moving on after the death of a loved one are all a kind of trauma that we need to live through and heal from. Will Holsinger shares his experience in facing and transcending life’s ultimate trauma in A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met. He does this with grace and compassion, reaching out to each reader in a unique and special way. There is something in his words for all of us.

Connie Markoff


What a wonderful website! I love the visuals, the great writing and your bio.  Thank you so much for your kind heart and beautiful work – I will be proud to share this with others on Facebook, my friends, and with my cancer coaching community.
With love and gratitude,