Gentle People,

I first started my website and created social media when I self-published my book, A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met, a collection of poetry and prose about aging, death, and dying. I added some new bits and pieces with the same theme, then posted about using the site and my social media accounts to promote my handicraft “peace feathers” and the themes this evoked.

Since then, I completed a two-year program to become certified as a mindfulness meditation teacher and am pursuing some projects using that training and certification. It is time to close this website and the associated social media accounts.

Thank you to all who have read any of my postings and especially to those who have followed my website, a social media account, or been added to my newsletter. Thanks, as well, to Kahl Consultants for serving as my webmaster and host.

I will close this site by the end of the year, if not sooner. Blessings to you and to all. May you have a life well lived and a death well met.

Will Holsinger

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