The important things are not world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, or other issues affecting billions of people.
The important things are the smile I’m sure I saw as you waited for me, the honey bee finding just the right flower, and the butterfly just emerging.

Important things do not demand our attention, they wait to be discovered.
Important things do not change lives, they change a life.
The important things in life are the things we don’t know are important until they’re gone.

Yes, we have much to be grateful for, to praise and give thanks for… if we’re paying attention. But these are not the important things.
Rather, we are an important thing if someone else is thankful for something we have. We are an important thing if someone else realizes how special we are after we have gone.

In this way, Death is a teacher.

From A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met, by Will Holsinger, a book of musings, insights, poetry, and prose about aging, death and dying.