Does death seek us out
Impatient, intolerant of our delay
A lunar eclipse, blocking the sun
Creating its own shadow?

Does death wait for us
Pausing at the edge of the wood
Bathed in cooling shade
Watching, calm, compassionate?

Surely, the world of COVID,
The world of man
Brings death, unwelcome, to our doorstep
A world of violence and fear

Yet, are these truly messengers
Are such as these the face of death
When some are left behind
Untouched and unbowed?

At the moment death touches our hand
Is this not a welcome respite from suffering
Can we not feel ourselves joining …
A greater reality?

It is the here that is impatient
It is the there that is waiting
It is the pain that is intolerant
It is the release that is compassion

Death is neither friend nor enemy
Death is a doorway
Life this side, great mystery that
Both are gifts

William Holsinger - Death in 2020 - 21 - Hand