William Holsinger

A Life Well Lived,
A Death Well Met

“I like to think of death as a handshake,” says the author, Will Holsinger, a certified hospice volunteer. “Death is checking to see if our grip is sure.”

A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met is a collection of insightful and compassionate poems, musings and insights about death and dying that draw on the author’s own vivid near-death experience as a boy, the deaths of his parents and the stillbirth of a child, as well as the passing of the many friends and hospice patients he has accompanied in their final days and months and hours.

For some, Death is like an unanticipated and unwelcome visitor at a picnic. For some, it is simply “the end.” For others, it is the last great adventure. Still others may consider it a portal to a new world or plane of existence. Whatever death means to you, it is likely that your thoughts, attitudes, opinions, and feelings will change as you or your loved one get closer. Once death has come and gone, the grieving and reconciliation process begins – for the living.

A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met is for all of these people and circumstances. It is the recollections, thoughts, and experiences of one person who has seen, experienced and sat with death from many perspectives. It is one person’s effort to contribute to an understanding of what it means to have lived life well and fully and to meet death on Death’s terms.”

A Life Well Lived, A Death Well Met will leave you comforted, as well as awed, by the power, the majesty, the hope of Death.


A beginning…

A lovely collection of personal poetry and present-day parables by one who regularly bears witness to death with a sincere heart. A lyrical reminder that like birth, each death is unique. There is no one right way to meet living and dying. Only our own way.

-Frank Ostaseski Author, The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully

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